Edward M Przybylo II



I am currently a senior in the Business Administration program at Ferris State University. I am currently set to graduate after the summer semester of 2016. It has been an exciting journey and I believe that I have grown from all the experiences I have encountered along the way. I have worked on numerous work teams in both the academic and professional fields.

I have found that I tend to migrate to the leadership role. I find the position most comfortable for myself. Leadership in my mind means a few things. I need to be the backbone of the group. I need to be able to take a hit if an issue occurs. I need to be able to guide the group in the tasks we attempt. Lastly, I need to be a role model that everyone can look to and receive some motivation to keep pressing on.

One final note about who I am and what to expect is that I am currently engaged to my lovely fiance Morgan. We are set to tie the know in June of 2016. She is the force that drives me to succeed, not just for myself, but for her. She means the world to me and what makes me put my heart into anything I do.

Within you will find a piece of work of mine from an academic semester, my current up-to-date resume, my academic resume, and group dynamic project that I was apart of during the summer semester.

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